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September Lost - (below: With Andy Patalan and Dave Coughlin)

September Lost - feat. Andy Patalan and Dave Coughlin
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Eric Jon Veri is a singer/songwriter who was raised in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and currently lives in Belleville, Illinois, just outside of St. Louis, Missouri.   Eric has played in bands since the 8th grade and some of his friends and bandmates from these early days  include multi-platinum and gold record-selling artists such as  Ivan Khatchoyan from Cooking on Three Burners and the band Cold, as well as Grammy winner Brian Leisegang from Filter.  Starting in the 90s in Dallas, Texas, he was the co-singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the band Lynus, which releleased two albums and toured extensivley throughout North America before finally separating in 1994.  Eric was then hired as a studio musician for several projects and also did several stints as a touring bass player in bands that performed throughout the U.S. and Canada until finally taking a break in 2000. 

Following his longer-than-expected break, Eric recorded a few demos with the encouragement of his ex-bandmate Ivan.  He  soon found himself in the studio in Dallas once more with Todd Pipes of Deep Blue Something, working to get the sound down right.  During this time, through a series of events Eric wound up in Saline, Michigan at the Loft, working with Andy Patalan from the band Sponge and Jason Hartless from Ted Nugent's band.  Together, with Eric's songs and Andy and Jason's skills, they  quickly produced eight songs with Jason on drums, and two more with Scott Lawrence from Yigga Digga filling in on one and Vin Dombroski, singer for Sponge, doing duty on the other.   Since their release Eric has been in over twenty-nine states to perform and has begun getting mainstream FM radio play on WRGG 93.7 in Pennsylvania and overseas.  His momentum shows no signs of slowing down, as his songwriting skills are out to use in not only his solo act but in other projects like September Lost and Echo of Envy.   Check him out for yourself and find out just how good it is and how quickly his songs will get stuck in you head too!

September Lost

Check out the songs "Let Me Down",  "Chalk" and "Photograph"by September Lost on YouTube or any stearming music Platform

live at the Lincoln

Echo of Envy

With Bryan Patazo (above) opening for The Verve Pipe and with Steve Ewing from the Urge before a show (below)


Seen above in the studio with Todd Pipes from Deep Blue Something in Dallas Texas and in top photo with Todd and Travis from 9 Left Dead 

The Loft

Below left at WRGG 93.7 fm in Greencastle, PA during promotional tour,   below w/ Chris Eakes recording at  the Loft, and Below right w/ Chris Eakes, Andy Pataln and Megan Paulett during Loft sessions for "Left Behind", " Lost it All",  "Sometimes thats O.K"  and "Why can't you see".

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